The University of Technology, Sydney, Superlab – is a large facility for students to do experiments across the range of science disciplines while minimising running costs for the university. It is touted as the biggest and most flexible superlab in Australia. It’s a unique facility, which allows for multiple classes to run at one time.

KPD worked closely with BVN / Durbach Block Jaggers Architects and the university, through Richard Crookes Construction to develop a laboratory workstation that incorporates the intricate array of AV installations and lighting to do what had never been done in Australia before.

The Superlab accommodates 220 students, each with their own work bench and computer station, and can be configured so up to 12 classes ranging from chemistry and physics to biology and physiology which can be working in the lab at the same time. This is possible due to the state-of-the-art AV and IT systems integrated in the laboratory benching system.

The research labs are designed with the KPD SLS and ARS30 systems. Specialist smart board and safety stations were also provided by KPD along with general joinery to office spaces through the building.