Monash University The Alfred Centre

Monash Uni

Client: Monash University
Laboratory Architect: Jacobs
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Project: The Alfred Centre PC2 research laboratories
Completion Date: June 2017
Scale: 400 sqm

The laboratory space itself is an experiment in adaptable design. Monash University commissioned a PC2 laboratory research space to be fitted on a floor within an existing office tower for an unknown future client.
The laboratory layout was to be fully adaptable while maintaining PC2 compliance. The laboratory services are extensive including a broad variety of lab gases and 3 phase power for -70 degree freezers. The design was to accommodate future additional points at the work surface at any unforeseen locations. The lab benches required to accommodate large freezers or open up to created internal corridors as the circumstances evolved. The working height of laboratory benches required to adjust to accommodate safe accessibility to the top side of tall instruments. All of these very challenging to maintaining PC2 compliance. Several additional services were incorporated after the initial completion of the facility once the tenant moved in proving the system to be sufficiently adaptable without compromising nor a need for departure from the initial strategy.
The solution was to design a major reconfiguration to the KPD Compact Services Spine System to respond to the specifics of the brief. Working in collaboration with Jacobs, the resultant system proved to also serve similar facilities with a like minded approach to future proofing against unforeseeable demands of research laboratories. Some of which are much larger scale projects such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration laboratories in Canberra completed in 2022.