KPD Pty Limited were invited by the project architect Hames Sharley to consult on the design of the laboratory furniture systems for the three floors of pathology laboratories.

The design brief called for a flexible laboratory benching system to accommodate extensive instrumentation characteristic of pathology facilities. Under-bench storage modules were to be suspended from the floor to facilitate cleaning and the bench support structure to be free of legs so as not to restrict knee space.

“Providing a cantilevered worktop from which to suspend storage units with an additional load tolerance of over 400kg for bench mounted equipment required an innovatively engineered approach,” said Leo Gomez, Design Manager, KPD. “In addition, the suspension system for the storage modules allows for these to be easily and safely relocated by the end user.”

The lab services reticulation spines are based on KPD/Space Lab System 10 and tailored to maximise adjustable reagent shelving. KPD proposed solutions and worked closely with Hames Sharley and Brookfield Multiplex, producing prototypes to meet the specific client requirements.

Much of the benching incorporates extraction systems for bench level ventilation. KPD developed an integrated solution in collaboration with the project mechanical services engineers.

“This has been a challenging job,” says Russell Smith, Project Manager KPD Perth. “It’s become more satisfying (for me) as it’s come together. Whilst some standard KPD systems have been applied, there are many changes that have set this project apart. It’s a credit to all involved.”