KPD’s involvement on this project extends back into its design stage for its initial scheme developed by Hassell Architecture. KPD was then asked to provide cost plans and eventually through Brookville Multiplex and FJMT Architects helped finalise the lab servicing and benching systems prototypes.

KPD supplied all laboratory services reticulation systems as well as lab benching and storage furniture systems to this new world class facility. The project features the revolutionary ARS30 reagent shelving system to achieve a new level of flexibility and compliance with laboratory containment standards.

The centre is named in honour of the late Charles Perkins, a University of Sydney graduate who was the first indigenous Australian to graduate from the university in 1965 and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University in 2000.

The new research and education centre focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Covering 46,700 square metres, equal to a 30-storey office block, or similar to the Sydney Cricket Ground it is home to about 950 researchers and 1455 undergraduates with a variety of laboratory spaces, clinical research facilities and a biobank.