Architect: Hassell Architects

Construction Manager: Cockram Constructions

Project Value: $106 million

The AFP Forensics centre is a world class centre to target local crime and international problems such as cyber-terrorism.

KPD worked closely with Hassell Architects and Cockram Construction from the design faze through to final completion supplying specialist laboratory services reticulation systems and laboratory furniture as well as high end front of house detailed joinery.

The building accommodates a workforce of up to 260 and includes facilities for crime scene analysis, firearms, fingerprints, criminalistics and identification sciences, forensic imaging and digital forensics.

It features specialist laboratories, biometric processing, digital forensics and firearms and vehicle examination facilities.

Fast-tracked technology allows tests such as DNA analysis to be completed within hours.

The facility allows AFP to continue to utilise contemporary science and best practice approaches to have the maximum disruptive effect on criminal activity and threats to national security.

It is predicted it will be able to meet the AFP’s forensic science needs for at least 20 years and could provide service for other police forces.