Unlike general commercial fitouts, laboratory furniture and design needs to meet particular compliance standards as well as complex services reticulation performance criteria. This requires a specialist provider. Since its inception KPD has specialised in developing and prototyping furniture specifically for laboratories and healthcare fitouts. Our team of qualified architects invest the time in creating innovative solutions to the specific needs of laboratories.

Our specialised product range including – the Space Lab furniture systems and the SLS (Suspended Laboratory Services) System enable us to provide you with a complete solution for a compliant, safe and flexible workspace that will stand the test of time.

Furniture design and services integration

Rationalising the myriad of services demanded by the modern laboratory installation poses a challenge best met by specialist laboratory building providers. Our specialist consultants work closely with your architect and specifier to help determine the appropriate methodology, available systems and technical solutions. We can provide detailed drawings for effective integration of laboratory services as well as advice for resolution of benching systems.

Delivering best practice

With the input of our laboratory planning specialists KPD has won multiple design and construction awards including two Laboratory of the Year awards.

Our past clients include the largest research and hospital facilities across Australia. The major clients and architectural firms who have implemented KPD design services and products are shown in our gallery of completed projects.

KPD participates in laboratory design conferences throughout Australia and internationally, and provides specialist furniture design consultancy to architects, engineers, builders and end users alike, for compliant laboratory and hospital facilities.

Please contact our nearest office for a visit to one of our showrooms and a complimentary laboratory planning consultation.

"We've been using Space Lab for a long time now and we just like that a product gives you sound peace of mind.

It's been developed over 20 years and rather than re-invent the wheel and have problems later down the track, you can rely on the 20 years of experience in handling and solving a lot of complex issues."

Brad Sonter

Laboratory Design Architect

Jones Sonter Architects